Use of the Fund's donations:

•  To pay one-year's rent for storage/preperation space

•  Repair ceiling

•  Replace electric wiring

•  Cutting sheet for work table

•  Storage racks

•  Air conditioner

As readers of KIWA Topics know, we found last year a spacious place to store the KIWA Collection, and to mount the prints for our exhibitions. It is the second floor of a Christian church in Kyoto. The building, originally the private home and shop of a sweet potato family, was well made and will continue to stand for many more years. The church got the property just after the war and owns both the house and the land, very unusual for this part of Kyoto.

Here is a report on how donations from the first Campaign have been used to complete the list above. The second floor ceiling needed replacing, and the electric wiring had to be renewed. The ceiling was replaced to keep dust from the underroof off the prints, and to reduce the heat in summer. Proper storage racks have been built to a design drawn by KIWA's president. An air conditioner to keep the summer temperatures within a tolerable range for paper art works has just been purchased in August, 2010. This completes most of the Campaign One's promises.

From now, Campaign 2 donations will be used for the #6 KIWA Exhibition in March, 2011. Members' fees and donations will pay for the poster, flyer, tickets and the catalog.

Below is the list of donors so far. We hope we can add your name in the near future.
To make a donation, use an International Postal Money Order if your country has such a system. Otherwise, use Western Union (send us an e-mail first to get the KIWA details), or PayPal.
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KIWA Office address:
64-29 Matsunoki-cho, Shimogamo
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
JAPAN 606-0816.

Thank you.

Alice Steiner

R. Rasmussen-Silverstein

Dr Katsumasa Ishida
Satoko Sophia Mizoguchi

Yoshio Yano

Toshiko Tsubaki
Sachiko Tanigaki
Yoshiko Yamane
Mr and Mrs Mitsuo Takaya
Masakazu Sono
Mini & Tac Ueda
Mr and Mrs Murakami
Kiyoko Sawatari
Ryoji Tom Tomonari
Nobuko Yamazaki
Reiko Amano
A. Friend
Yasue Shimode
Taketomo Tokunaga
Minako Kakesu
Yuki Kato and Family
Junko and Shinji Morisaki
Yuriko Oshima
Keiko Tanaka
Dewey and Zhufeng Webster
Chikako Tomita
Shimizu Hamono Knife Company
Stephen and Kazue Gill
Dr Shigenobu and Mrs Yasuko Iwasaki, DDS
Ginko Naka
Atsuko Omae

TOTAL SO FAR:  355,700 JPY