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The site of KIWA's founder and president, Richard Steiner. For over 40 years, teaching and making woodblock prints in Japan.
An important site in Bulgaria for East European print news, and for its major MINI PRINT EXHIBITIONS. The director, Mr Georgi Koley, is a long-time friend of KIWA.
This is David Bull's own homepage.
A new group of printmakers based in Spain who will have their own internnational competition soon. They serve all the print mediums, not only woodblock.
This site is one of the richest on the web. One can stroll thru it for days and continually find new goodies. Its owner, Maria Arango, (a KIWA member) is a printmaker in her own right. Highly recommended for the serious artist.
Baren is a site where anyone with an interest in the fascinating world of woodblock printmaking is welcome to join. Its main purpose is to provide a locale for the flow of information among printmakers, to encourage them to share their knowledge and experience, and to provide an opportunity where they can get to know one other. This is one of the oldest and most informative sites for woodblock printmakers, an endless source of contacts.
McClain's Printmaking Supplies has been importing carving tools, brushes, ink, paper and wood from Japan for moku hanga and woodblock printmakers for almost 30 years. More recently, the company has also been supplying linocut, engraving, Solarplate and monotype artists with the supplies they need. McClain's ships internationally and their web site features a Calendar and Links page, a Gallery of relief prints from around the world and informative newsletters as well as an on-line catalog.

The Art League - your ultimate source of art information
The Art League is located in America and is one of the newest resources for artists in general and woodblock printmakers in particular.
SIRIUS Art Dealer, Tokyo
KIWA Serius Prize giver (link in japanese only)
This is a site that includes loads of information on a variety of art-related topics.
This information was kindly given to KIWA by Miss Carly of Chicago.
The 'Enter into Art' events are the first international miniprint exhibitions in Germany, held every year in Cologne and other towns. A special feature is the embedding of images in an art installation with color zones. In addition the installation features sculptures, lyrics and poetry, relaxing music, light and art objects. The hosts will create a unique art book and a German online show. There are 20 awards.